Mother Maria Tauscher

The Blessed Mother Mary Teresa of St. Joseph founded the religious order of the Carmelite Daughters of the Divine Heart of Jesus.
She was born on 29th June 1855 in Sandow (present-day Sądów, Poland), in these days a small German town. Her parents were Hermann Traugott Tauscher, a Lutheran minister, who later worked as a superintendent in Berlin, and his wife, Pauline van den Bosch. When their daughter converted to Catholicism in 1888, a breach of family ties occurred. Anna Maria Tauscher also lost the position she held as headmistress of a hospital for the mentally ill in Cologne (Germany).
As a result she worked under tough conditions in a Berlin monastery as a cleaner and dishwasher. During this time she realised how many children spent their days out on the streets, because their parents had to work and could not take care of them. Pity caused her to look after them and in 1891 she opened a house for children in need, a home for the homeless, dedicated to Saint Joseph. Over the years, more and more sisters joined her. As they followed Carmelite Rule in their monastic life, they decided to call themselves Carmelite Daughters of the Divine Heart of Jesus.
The German ecclesiastical authorities continuously refused the foundation of an order, so the sisters moved to the Netherlands and founded a novitiate at Sittard. Upon re-location of the order’s seat to Rocca di Papa near Rome in 1905, its official acknowledgement by Pope Pius X happened place within the same year.
Mother Mary Teresa of St. Joseph remained General Superior of the congregation until she died on 20th September 1939 in Sittard. The relics of this Blessed rest in Sittard.
The order of the Carmelite Daughters of the Divine Heart of Jesus quickly spread throughout Europe and after 1912 in the Americas, too. Today some 5,000 sisters belong to this community and their areas of activity comprise many European countries as well as America and Africa.
In 2006 her proclamation as a Blessed took place in the Netherlands.

wearing the habit, with a cross

Feast day:
October 30th
Prodotti: 1
Mother Maria Tauscher 125 cm Colored linden

The statue is carved in linden wood and scumbled with oil colors. Where required, imitation gold le..

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