Unique carvings made on commission

As well as the items in our catalogue, we also make unique itemsto order, based on images provided by the client or using one of our ideas. Please do not hesitate to contact us; we are only to pleased to use our experience to create the figure of your choice. The following section shows some of our works.

Ecce Homo, carved by Reiner Kasslatter, one of the owners of the company, which was donated to Pope John Paul II

Resurrected Christ 200 cm

Relief of the Virgin and Child, 80 x 100 cm, made after an oil painting on canvas

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 200 cm, in Byzantine style

Bergland Nativity crib, 50 cm, made for an African-American community in the USA

St Paul the Hermit, 130 cm

Beato Antonio Rosmini 180 cm

Immaculate Virgin , 180 cm

Crucifixion of the Monastry of Santo Toribio di Liebana, Spain, 180 cm

Diego Velázquez, Christ on the Cross, 90 cm

Oak wood sedan chair